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5 top reasons why house and land packages make great investments

I’d like to talk about the benefits of house and land packages. Often when people are considering an investment property they look towards existing homes or apartments, but the benefits of house and land packages should not be overlooked. Some

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Busting the property bubble myth

The spring season for property is now in full swing and it is creating solid gains and high auction clearance rates in capital cities across the country. Some people have looked at the property gains in the September quarter and

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Positive vs negative gearing, which strategy is right for you?

When considering an investment property the aim is to generate a return in the form of income, a capital gain or a combination of the two. You may find that some investment properties may initially have a low income but

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Spring Newsletter

Our latest newsletter which contains information on property investment such as: to fix or not to fix interest rates, area focus on Mackay, NRAS and more.

The Secret to Good Investing? Making a Plan!

Whether you’re a seasoned property investor or yet to purchase your first home, there is no time like the present to take stock of your finances and re-evaluate your spending, saving and investment strategies. In order to do any of

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New v Established Homes

The age old debate of whether to purchase a new or established home is one that has troubled property investors for many years. At Real Estate Investor, we nearly always suggest purchasing new as we believe the tax ramifications and

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Focus on…Mackay

Latitude: 21.14303 Longitude: 149.183307 The mining port of Mackay has been one of Queensland’s most resilient markets in the wake of the GFC, with low vacancy rates now driving yields and growth again. Properties in the $500,000-plus range have seen

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What Exactly is NRAS?

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) is a federal government-backed program designed to provide 50,000 affordable rental properties by 2014. It is not a public housing program, but rather a tax incentive to induce more private investment in the lower

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Real Stories – Anna and Mick

Anna and Mick, Middlemount This week we meet another of our wonderful clients Anna and Mick, whose desire to one day own their own cattle property proved the impetus for the North-Queensland-based couple to really focus on their wealth creation

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