“We knew that our dream would not be an easy one. But my brother had invested in several properties and we realised that it was a good way of making money in the future. We recognised that is was not going to be easy but thought that if we bought houses now, we could build equity to leverage off to buy a cattle property in the future and set ourselves up for retirement.”

So in 2009 the couple began putting their plan in action, beginning with a move to the mine a Middlemount in Central Queensland.

“We knew we wanted to start a family and decided that the only way to move forward on a single income was to work out a budget, put in several years at Middlemount and save.”

And save they did, so by the end of 2010 Anna and Mick had been able to put aside a substantial deposit for their first house which they purchased through Real Estate Investor™.

The property was a great off the plan house and land package.

“The whole process was really great. We could see exactly what we were in for as everything was laid out in front of us and very specific with even the costs broken down for each stage. And for beginners like us, who had no knowledge on colours, sq meterage and the like, it was great to be able to talk to Brian and his team about all those things as they were just so patient with us.”