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What our Members say about us:

Greg Duguid

The prospect of transitioning to retirement in the not-too-distant future provided the catalyst for dentist Greg Duguid, 57, to re-evaluate his self managed super fund and re-focus on his investment strategies.

“I’d previously had a fair amount of my super tied up in international shares but I wasn’t happy with how the market was going. I missed the property boom on the Gold Coast last time and so decided that the time was right to focus on real estate and purchase before the next boom comes,” says Greg.

And so Greg and his wife Murtaza began looking around for investment opportunities.

At the same time, their daughter and son-in-law – both teachers in the remote North – began contemplating an investment strategy for their future. Greg suggested they get in contact with Brian Boyd (Real Estate Investor™ CEO), whom Greg had known for many years.

The couple did, and subsequently decided to purchase a house and land package through Real Estate Investor in Pacific Pines, in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Seeing them go through the process and also identifying the excellent future growth capabilities of the proposed property, Greg and Murtaza decided to follow suit and purchased a similar block just up the road.

“It ticked all the right boxes for us,” says Greg. “It’s about five or six minutes from a major shopping centre and four minutes from the motorway where you can go North back to Brisbane or South to the beach. It’s also situated on a hill with lovely views in an area boasting wide streets, large lots and excellent rental history.”

The building process of the new home was also positive, with everything going smoothly.

“As with any building development there were a few issues, such as placement of the clothesline, incorrect cabinetry profiles and the like, but we simply called Brian and he set up a meeting with the builder
who remedied the situation.”

Now the proud owner of a newly completed investment property, Greg is keen to begin the process again.

“The plan it to invest in five-ten properties in the next five-ten years. That of course depends on the market but as my focus is now on my super contributions I think it’s achievable.”

“Having used a large portion of my super as a deposit, we’re only currently out of pocket about $100 a week. So as soon as I have enough equity and funds in the super account, we’ll purchase again.”

As to his property strategy, Greg will continue working with Real Estate Investor, as he appreciated Brian’s expertise and know-how.

“From start to finish Brian helped us with the entire process, not just with the property, but showing us the tax advantages and providing advice on stepping away from an institutional super fund and taking ownership of the future with our own SMSF.”

“The only thing I would do differently to make it easier next time would be to look at the house plans in more detail and ask to see a similar house that had already been completed so I can see the colours and finishes from the outset.”

“Overall however we’re really happy and look forward to building on our investment goals.”

Anna & Nick, Middlemount

“We knew that our dream would not be an easy one. But my brother had invested in several properties and we realised that it was a good way of making money in the future. We recognised that is was not going to be easy but thought that if we bought houses now, we could build equity to leverage off to buy a cattle property in the future and set ourselves up for retirement.”

So in 2009 the couple began putting their plan in action, beginning with a move to the mine a Middlemount in Central Queensland.

“We knew we wanted to start a family and decided that the only way to move forward on a single income was to work out a budget, put in several years at Middlemount and save.”

And save they did, so by the end of 2010 Anna and Mick had been able to put aside a substantial deposit for their first house which they purchased through Real Estate Investor™.

The property was a great off the plan house and land package.

“The whole process was really great. We could see exactly what we were in for as everything was laid out in front of us and very specific with even the costs broken down for each stage. And for beginners like us, who had no knowledge on colours, sq meterage and the like, it was great to be able to talk to Brian and his team about all those things as they were just so patient with us.”

Amber & Michael, Brisbane

We’d dabbled in shares but didn’t like the volatility that accompanied them. For us property presented a safe strong and exciting choice for building future wealth. We heard about Real Estate Investor™ through friends and their advice and opinions helped us invest in the right property for our needs.

Janelle & Gary, Central NSW

We thought that as long as we stayed out of debt, we’d be right. Trouble was, we were going nowhere fast, even though we were both working. We had a chat with the people at Real Estate Investor™ and it was a real eye-opener. They showed us how we could make debt work for us and together with our accountant they help maximise deductions, we have a great investment property on the Sunshine Coast.”

Janine & Roger, Gold Coast, Qld

“We used to invest exclusively in units, but since Real Estate Investor™ showed us the benefits of buying new homes we’ve never looked back. They proved to us that with such advantages as no maintenance and depreciation for tax purposes, there really is no contest. They helped us buy our latest investment home. We thoroughly recommend Real Estate Investor™…in fact we’ve sung their praises so often, many of our friends are member clients now.”

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