Real Estate Investor™ was established in 2003 to help people start the journey to long-term wealth creation. Our role is to work closely with you to ensure your property investment path is precisely mapped out to make the journey less stressful and totally rewarding.

Our vision

To provide as many of our fellow Australians as possible with a better way to invest in property and thereby help them grow their personal wealth.


We are committed to providing people with the keys to real wealth creation. Sound long-term property investments that yield significant taxation and capital growth. We do not promise any get-rich-quick schemes and we discourage those from undertaking any type of high risk ventures.

We are dedicated to:

  • Ensuring that our members always have the financial capacity to afford their investments
  • Sourcing properties that a) meet a strict criterion of property investment fundamentals and b) are valued independently by the member’s lender
  • Maintaining the best interests of our members at all times
  • Helping our members grow their wealth at their own pace, through leverage and repeat purchases
  • Ensure our members keep on track towards their end goals and realise their dreams


For an obligation free discussion on how Real Estate Investor™ can help you get started in property contact us or call 1300 088 618